Tuesday, April 12, 2011

ANJIE'S BLOG: Losing 40 kilos - Day 1 and 2

ANJIE'S BLOG: Losing 40 kilos - Day 1 and 2: "So whats the first thing one does after enrolling into a gym- shop of course for trendy sportwear- that will fit you. So, i hit the Westside with vengeance. The Gia aisle beckons me as always. Hey maybe in a few months i will  be able to shop for normal sizes. I am actually so far away from that aisle right now.

Day 1

I hit the gym dressed to kill. Pinky the trainer pounces on me like i would pounce on a Mac chicken burger. We start off with what can be best described as PT exercises that we did in school. How one has regressed. Worst was to follow. I clamber onto te walking escalator called the treadmill nervously. 15 mins walk karna hai, says trainer/tyrant. 15 mins, i squeak - can't do even 15 secs. Pinky- Walk karo aur munni pai dhyan do. Yes , we talk of the great munni badnaam hui song. So the song is actually an inspiration for burning calories. Talk of girl on girl action. So i tear my eyes away from the treadmill clock, blank my mind and follow the beats of munni getting badnaaam bollywood style . AND IT WORKS.  Sheila ki Jawani follows and i am walking vigorously .

Not bad- survived an hour in the boot camp, crawled to te car and took the lift to my first floor apartment. JAI HO

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  1. I can almost see you saying these things to me at one of our chat sessions...your words just flow so effortlessly...and humorously...God bless.