Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 3 and 4 - Losing 40 kilos and definitely losing my mind

Day 3

Went to the gym pumped to the core. Had a day's rest.  I made a resolution when i got onto the walking escalator - Tune out the world, tune into the music and just walk. Its easier said than done - but i needed to remain positive.
Pinky the trainer/tyrant was in full form. 3 minute walk , 3 minute running - she barked. Before i knew it i had spent 20 minutes on the treadmill. When i later lay down on the mat , i actually felt hot air coming out of my ears. I am never eating junk food again, i promised myself fiercely. But there were more sinful tortures awaiting me outside the gym.
It was a holiday for the kids , so we ended up going out and landed in Nirula's. There began my gastronomic torture- the Shammi kebab on the visual menu was calling out to me- eat me , i am delicious, it was saying. The chocolate sundae was saying i am delicious-how can you resist me? God , food was talking to me. I was on the edge of hysteria. Then suddenly the phone rings. Its the exercise mafia moll. She of course does not believe in social niceties - Madam, she yells, khane pe control!! Is she phone stalking me/? Whatever, but her call brings me back from food heaven's door. I grab the kids , jump into the car and drive to Top Breads. There i eat salad and corn croissant-whatever that is. I mean i don't even eat corn , let alone corn patties!!

 Two learnings- you don't need to starve if you go to the gym- eat home food, avoid junk and cold drinks- and you are safe.
if you are temtped , just close your eyes and think of all the sweat you shed , in the gym- it will kill all food urges.

Day 4

Today was a bad day. Woke up with a severe back ache.  Pinky was unsympathetic. Exercise kar lo , baad mein thik kar doengee. But i was really tired and actuually dragged myself through the floor exercises. But she kept her word. After , the push ups on the mat, she actually massaged my back properly. I felt much better .

In between all this sourness  and pain, some local stud, switched the music to some romantic sunil dutt and sadhana song. My BP rose by several notches. I mean, we are exercising man- we need pumping music not whiskeywaley gane. He was probably trying to impress someone in the gym or was a majnu!! The head trainer , who is quite petrified of me, put on FM hurriedly. Then he walked up to me and said, Madam, close mouth and exercise. Ok boss, i get it , breathe in and out through my nose. Open mouths are not wanted here!!

One learning: Don't be scared about falling off the wagon. You will.  But once you do, you have to pick yourself up and soldier on. Dar ke agaey jeet hai!!!


  1. anji love i'm proud of you! you're going to start feeling better soon, i promise. here's my favorite workout song for when i start to think i'm about to fall over and can't take another step

  2. That's the spirit!! I am really getting motivated now! Just go and do the stuff girl!