Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 2 Deja Vue- Losing 40 kilos

Work up with every muscle in my body aching and crying for relief.  Flexon did not work. Nor  did the ice that i rubbed all over me. And don't let the Hollywood ice rubbing scenes fool you- this hurts big time. I am not going today , said the sloth in me. You can't give up all ready- i mean you have three more new t-shirts to try out. Hey , i am getting good at beating myself up. You so need this to drag yourself to the hell hole.

Once there something even more crazy happens.

After the treadmill and cycling sessions, the trainer and i do spot jogging. So my D-cups are flailing gloriously in the air-and all male eyes are exercising with me. The gym goes quiet - people just gawk. I suddenly realise this because i am working out in front of a huge mirror- and i am or  more accurately my boobies are the cynosure of all eyes. Wow!  Mallika Sherawat could learn a thing or two from me about stopping traffic fully clothed!! Femme fatale at 40 , i think to myself. The head trainer disagrees . He comes rushing and says, madam , dhire karo. I am shocked out off my self-adulation. He wants me to jog in slow motion???

I stare at him disdainfully and say, dhire karongey toh fat kam hoga? I mean what the hell- here i am sacrificing my morning cuppa and newspaper reading hour to sweat my guts and brains out and he is more worried about me attracting attention. Hey, if the men come to exercise but would rather do other things  thats their problem. I am going to do all it takes to lose my fat.

He realises he is up against the Great Wall of China, literally and figuratively. He recedes back and Pinky and i continue working out like we are the only 2 people in the gym. Three cheers for women power.


Stay tuned for Day 3..

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  1. hee hee hee haw haw haw! you must continue gymming to provide us with the much needed dose of laughs in these trying times!I wish you all the best! And a finger to those exercising eye balls!